Introducing PirateWeb

Introducing PirateWeb


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Snippets that build the web.

PirateWeb.Dev is a place to share code that helps build the web as we know it today in a free and open-source environment. The goal is to create a searchable repository of free and open-source code that includes helpful snippets, tricks, layouts, or anything else that helps power the web.

What is PirateWeb?

PirateWeb is a place for developers to share code snippets and layouts in a completely free and open-source environment. All code shared on the site is 100% free unencumbered software falling under the Unlicense. The idea was to create a place where developers could both share their code for anyone to see and use and develop a place where you can show off your skillset. PirateWeb includes direct links to the author's snippets allowing you to link your snippets to your resume.

How PirateWeb Works

To get started you need to first sign up by creating an Author Key. You can create an author key by filling out the Become an Author form. This form will ask for your Author Handle (basically a username), your email (used to validate this request and reset your key), and a passphrase. Do not lose your passphrase, this is used to reset your Author Key if your account is ever compromised. Once you submit this form your account will be created and an Author Key will be displayed to you. Treat this Author Key like a password or API secret key, don't share it, and keep it safe this is how we know who is posting a snippet.

Instead of the traditional sign-in and sign-out functionality you post snippets using your Author Key as verification of who is posting. You include your Author Key, title, description, tags, a link to a demo (think CodePen, Fiddle, Repl, etc.), and optionally you can add code blocks to the post.

This is why your Author Key needs to be kept safe, it identifies you as the person posting that snippet. If this key is ever compromised, lost, or stolen you can reset your access using the email you signed up with and the passphrase you used at sign up.

Additional Features

You can browse by tags, search for snippets on the home page (try searching for HTML, or dark mode), or try navigating to snippets using the URL to directly view by topic, try to view HTML snippets. You can also link to your snippets directly by using /a/{AUTHOR HANDLE}.

Keeping with the mindset of free and unencumbered software, PirateWeb is ad-free and will always be.

Coming Soon

Right now once you submit a snippet it cannot be edited or removed, this functionality is coming and is at the top of the list. Commenting is also on the to-do list as well as a more robust reporting system.